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On bad words, and why kids occasionally get called them

April 16, 2010

A few days ago, an author I enjoy, Patrick Rothfuss, posted this on his blog, and it struck me as the exact sort of thing my own blog is about. Not the stuff about the malleability of one’s persona on the Internet. No, the part about dropping an f-bomb on your kids. I get that.

Not that it’s something I do constantly, or even approve of. My wife and I chide each other for bad language around the kids, and the Farscape epithet ‘frell’ seems to have staged a slight comeback around us. But when 627 is hugging me and decides, with no prior warning, to bite my nose as hard as he possibly can… well, things can get ugly. Not ‘hurl a kid off of me a la Tropic Thunder‘ ugly, but definitely “Get off of me, asshole” ugly.

Of course, I generally feel so bad about that whole thing that I give him a treat after I get the bandage on, so everyone comes out ahead in the end.


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  1. i’m glad i’m not the only one who has slipped up. i’ve dropped an f-bomb or two around my boys. it’s a good thing they didn’t repeat it. my younger one is a parrot now, so i need to watch it with him. my older one just thinks “no” and “stop” are bad words.

  2. Robyn B permalink

    All of the fabulous things to look forward……. Thanks for blazing the trail for us!

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