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Progress, of a sort

May 16, 2010

I was playing outside with the boys the other day, and 2.0 found a stick. Of course, within minutes, it was being used to shoot imaginary enemies.

“You know, it doesn’t have to be a blaster. You could pretend it was something else.”

2.0 looked at me, confused. “You mean, like a… blaster?”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. “Something other than a blaster.” I took it from his hands and held it up to my eye. “Look, it could be a telescope. Or a flute!” I held it against my nose. “Now I’m an elephant, and it’s my trunk.” I handed it back to him. “See, it could be lots of different things.”

He took it, a huge smile dawning on his face. “Yeah, like a sword! That I can use to fight skeletons!”


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  1. very cute! boys are so funny with what they think about!

  2. Your Wife permalink

    Did you really put it up to your eye and suggest it could be a telescope? You know, he’ll poke his eye out…..

  3. Not Your Wife permalink

    Make sure to tell him that Han shot first when he’s playing with the stick.

  4. Your Father permalink

    Why don’t you tell him about other uses for the stick. One of my favorites that I tried to teach you was inserting that stick into the spokes of a passing bicycle. Sadly, however, you could never get the timing just right.

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