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Curse you, Batman!

March 18, 2011

Honestly, for all his supposed good works, Batman has caused far more suffering in my household than joy. Ignore, for the moment, the idea that Gotham’s supercriminals exist as a response to him. His ears are pointy, making him a perfect weapon for 627 to poke his brother with. His existence in a mere single temporal-spatial location makes my children scream (“I want it!” “It’s my turn!”). The variety in portrayal creates a never-ending flow of demands (“I want that one! And that one!”). Videogames with him in it are apparently physiologically addictive, because they lead to shakes, screams and begging for more.  Honestly, I’m sick of him.

That said, I love his portrayal in Cartoon Network’s Young Justice. Rather than the grim loner avenger of the night, he’s a thoughtful father figure. Sometimes stern and authoritative, but never authoritarian. He’s capable of both a firm, guiding hand and a soft touch. Compare him to the confused, occasionally belligerent Superman, who deals with his newfound offspring in Superboy by ignoring him whenever he can. It’s a very pleasant change of pace from the near-psychotic that he’s been portrayed as in recent years.


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